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Smart Recipe for Smart Baby

Smart Recipe for Smart Baby: Pregnancy is an exciting time in every woman’s life. A time  to rejoice to welcome a new life in the world. Pregnancy effects every part of body from hair to toenail like in early pregnancy breasts feel tender and enlarged. Blood volume increases as a result putting pressure on kidneys… Continue reading Smart Recipe for Smart Baby

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Traveling by Train during Pregnancy

How safe is Traveling by Train during Pregnancy? I and many other women feel better Traveling by Train during Pregnancy rather than bus/car or flight. If the pregnancy is going normal and you take the right care then the train is quite a safe way to travel. But if you any issues like high blood pressure,… Continue reading Traveling by Train during Pregnancy

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Happy 6 Months-My Journey of Learning

Here are a few things I would love to share with you guys I learnt throughout this beautiful journey of motherhood – Feeling of being a mother is incomparable to any feeling in the world. You don’t feel filthy anymore  while hearing words like poop/spit ups, pee, vomit, fart or else, literally after being a… Continue reading Happy 6 Months-My Journey of Learning

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Diet during Pregnancy

Diet During Pregnancy in First Trimester (1- 12 weeks): So let’s start with the first trimester, you should take small meals as you may feel nausea in early stages. Try it simple or eat whatever you like to eat. Each n every nutrients are important to take and make it a balanced diet. 1. You… Continue reading Diet during Pregnancy

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Childbirth!!!! When is the correct time to take that step….if at all??? PREGNANCY…. IF, WHEN AND WHY!!!  I chose to write about this, as I found it very prevalent in society today, anywhere in the world….one of those unspoken issues, where everyone does it…sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes wrong. Let’s start at the… Continue reading PREGNANCY…. IF, WHEN AND WHY!!!

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Few Tips for Normal Delivery

Barring a few medical conditions, almost every pregnant woman can have natural, normal child-birthing experiences. With little or no medications, a natural birth process is proven to be beneficial for both, the mother and the newborn. It also makes it easier for the mother to breastfeed the baby. Although there is no fixed formula to… Continue reading Few Tips for Normal Delivery