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Traveling by Train during Pregnancy

How safe is Traveling by Train during Pregnancy? I and many other women feel better Traveling by Train during Pregnancy rather than bus/car or flight. If the pregnancy is going normal and you take the right care then the train is quite a safe way to travel. But if you any issues like high blood pressure,… Continue reading Traveling by Train during Pregnancy

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Best food for summers

In summer, the mercury level is increasing every day. Temperature has been scoring high and the humidity level grows between 60 and 80 percent.  Most of us feel low and dehydrated in such a climate. Our body needs cooling foods that keep our energy level stable and balance our diet. So, we have a list… Continue reading Best food for summers

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Summer vacations are around the corner and the sun is scorching. Long sunny days and the over active kids. They won’t stay indoors because they are too restless to do that. They can’t sit at one place for long time. They will play outdoors and sweat…Get tanned….Get sick…etc etc. So here comes in play the… Continue reading SUMMER PROTECTION FOR KIDS

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Tips for fostering personal hygiene during Menstruation

We hear about personal hygiene, but how many of us actually believe in practicing it? This topic is of major concern for every individual. There’s a whole range of discussion that can be done on it. It helps in stimulating good health. It just not makes us feel salubrious but at the same time helps… Continue reading Tips for fostering personal hygiene during Menstruation