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Smart Recipe for Smart Baby

Smart Recipe for Smart Baby: Pregnancy is an exciting time in every woman’s life. A time  to rejoice to welcome a new life in the world. Pregnancy effects every part of body from hair to toenail like in early pregnancy breasts feel tender and enlarged. Blood volume increases as a result putting pressure on kidneys leads to frequent urination. As the pregnancy progresses ligaments and tendons throughout the body stretches which leads to aches and pains. There are many more changes take place and may vary person to person.

Smart Recipe for Smart Baby: Parenting in first trimester (1-12 weeks)-

During first three month a pregnant woman suffers from heartburn ,dizziness,morning sickness. But during this time only baby ‘s ear develop. So experts advise to listen to soothing music for development of baby’s nervous system. So, healthy pregnant lady should keep touching belly while speaking to baby….read more


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