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BPA-How does it affect our health?

BPA stands for Bisphenol A. It is an industrial chemical that resembles synthetic estrogen. It is found in poly-carbonate plastics and hence a part of our everyday diet since it is generally used to make food and beverage containers. BPA is also used in epoxy resins which are used to coat the inside of food cans, bottle caps and water supply lines. As such it is a part of our everyday diet- from bottles and cans BPA ends in our food and from food in our system. It is also used for the production of drink and soda containers, spoons & forks, toys, cds, etc. The leaching of BPA into our food is the greatest when the container is heated or damaged.

Given our daily exposure to BPA, it is a cause of concern as it poses several health hazards which are as follows:

  • It affects the balance of hormones like estrogen and testosterone causing obesity in children in particular and adversely affects their metabolism.
  • Being an endocrine –disrupting compound, it causes hypertension and insulin resistance.
  • It badly affects the heart as the production of ‘adiponectin’- the hormone responsible for lowering the risk of heart disease- is slowed down….read more

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