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Traveling by Train during Pregnancy

How safe is Traveling by Train during Pregnancy?

I and many other women feel better Traveling by Train during Pregnancy rather than bus/car or flight. If the pregnancy is going normal and you take the right care then the train is quite a safe way to travel. But if you any issues like high blood pressure, diabetes or a previous premature delivery then you should first consult with your doctor and then travel or not travel.

My experience was best when I traveled in the second trimester because by that time my nausea was settled and I was also adapted to changes that happen during pregnancy. When I was finally heading to my mother’s place for my delivery, I was very apprehensive and fearful. However,with reading many articles on traveling during pregnancy and with taking help from my mother, I managed to travel safely and comfortably then also.

Here are some of the tips for traveling by train during Pregnancy:

  1. If possible, take a companion when you travel and it is must when you are planning a travel during the third Preferably companion should be a lady who already has experienced pregnancy.
  2. Reconfirm the train departure time before you leave home. Also, take extra margin of time in hand so that you don’t need to rush for boarding the train. If the train is delayed and you come to know it after reaching the station, find a place to sit and preferably close to the toilet….read more

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