Is C-Section painful or not?

Being a mother is the most wonderful experience for a woman and same for me when I was expecting my first baby. Initially I enjoyed each and every moment of pregnancy. Physical changes, regular check-ups, etc. Then when my 9 months were almost completed and my due date was near, my sister-in-Law who is a doctor by profession told me about labour pains. At that time I was little worried because I had heard women screaming in pain at delivery time.
We went to doctor as my due date came but I wasn’t feeling any pain. Then doctor suggested that may be we have to opt for C-section as there was no labour pain aroused. My mother was very much disturbed to hear this as she was aware that C-section will further bring lot of complexities after the delivery. Complexities like Back pain, fatty stomach & what not..!!!
Then doctor told my parents that she needs to be admitted in hospital in next 1 or 2 days. So following that, I was admitted in hospital the very next day. Initially doctor induced me artificial pains. But unluckily nothing happened and at the end doctor decided for c-section. I had no idea about c-section, what was going on, how much pain I have to bear, nothing….read more


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